The Regional Experts in Retail
and Shopping Center Security

American Alert Security Services provides expert retail security services to shopping centers, malls, and other shopping venues throughout Riverside County.

You can count on us to have the localized knowledge, experience and expertise to professionally address the unique challenges in our area.  


A Full Range of Security Benefits


American Alert security professionals receive extensive training in all aspects of retail security. From shoplifting prevention to deterring and mitigating physical threats, you can count on American Alert pros to professionally, quickly and reliably handle any security issues that might arise on your premises.

Customized, Scalable Retail Security Solutions

We understand the complexities involved in providing comprehensive and effective retail security. That’s why we customize our services to your specific situation and needs and integrate our processes and procedures according to your unique needs.

Every aspect of our security solutions, from the American Alert professionals assigned to your account to their equipment and duties, is based on a deep understanding of your environment and retail security issues.