Professional Security for Marijuana
Dispensaries is Crucial

With the rapid growth of the medical marijuana industry, and now with the legalization of marijuana in California, marijuana dispensaries are at high risk of crime. In fact, according to statistics compiled by NBC News, it is estimated that marijuana-related businesses can expect to be robbed or burglarized every two years.

That’s why it’s so important that marijuana dispensary owners and management take proactive steps to protect their employees, customers, product and facilities.

Marijuana Dispensary Security Risks

Marijuana dispensaries are often the target of robberies and counter theft.


It’s not unusual for a marijuana dispensary to keep four or five pounds of marijuana readily available for sale. This can often total between ten to twenty thousand dollars of merchandise lying at risk. Brazen robbers have been known to threaten staff at gunpoint to steal cannabis.

Smash and Grab Theft

To put it simply, marijuana dispensaries are under siege. Thieves are crashing through storefronts with vehicles, shattering doors and windows and and even crawling through skylights and other vulnerable points-of-entry to gain access.

Thieves use a truck to smash through a door for access.

Rely on Our Experience and Expertise to
Protect Your Marijuana Dispensary

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