Cannabis Grow Site Security from the Experts in Marijuana Security

While much of the attention is focused on security issues with marijuana dispensaries, cannabis grow sites are also at serious risk of crime. That’s why a complete cannabis grow site security plan is crucial.

Like banks and jewelry stores, cannabis cultivators deal in a high-value product and a cash-heavy business that make an attractive target for criminals.

That’s where we come in.

marijuana cultivation theft
Marijuana cultivators, like dispensaries, deal in a valuable product that is attractive to criminals.

Serious Security Threats for Cannabis Grow Sites

The highly-visible presence of trained security professionals is the ultimate crime-deterrent for your cannabis grow site.

Legal marijuana grow sites are an increasingly common target for robbery and theft. That’s why grow sites usually employ electronic security systems.

But these passive security measures are reactive and often are not an effective deterrent to crime. This is primarily due to the “critical gap” between an alarm activation and police response, which criminals understand and exploit.

However, on-site security officers are a highly-visible and effective deterrent. Criminals will very rarely risk attacking a cannabis grow site with uniformed security personnel on the scene.

Cannabis Grow Sites at Major Risk for Smash and Grab Thefts

Most marijuana cultivation site thefts occur at night, most often by inexperienced young men (often amped up on drugs or alcohol) throwing rocks through greenhouse glass.

A single “smash and grab” theft can result in the loss of an entire crop and the loss of tens of thousands of dollars in finished product. Worse yet, these types of crimes damage expensive property such as greenhouses, irrigation and lighting systems and equipment.

The best way to keep these types of thefts from occurring is through high-visibility security measures, including the use of patrol officers experienced in cannabis grow site security.

cannabis grow site security smash and grab thefts
In addition to product, smash-and-grab thefts at cannabis grow sites can result in damage to facilities and loss of valuable equipment.

Armed Robbery Deterrence Must Be Part of Any Cannabis Grow Site Security Program

armed robbery marijuana cultivation site
Like dispensaries, marijuana cultivation sites are at constant risk of armed robbery

Given the nature of the business, marijuana cultivation sites are at constant risk of an armed robbery.

While a security system is certainly a key component of any cannabis grow site security plan, like thieves, robbers take advantage of the “critical gap” between the time a security system panic button is pushed and the time law enforcement arrives.

The continuous presence of uniformed, on-site security officers maximizes the risk to would-be robbers and minimizes the threat to you, your staff and your product.

Many Cannabis Grow Site Crimes are Inside Jobs

While most employees are honest, the fact is that many thefts are “inside jobs”. And because employees are usually very familiar with the workings of a security system they are able to take steps to keep from being detected.

This is another reason the presence of a uniformed guard can help greatly improve security and deter crime at your cannabis cultivation site.

marijuana cultivation employee theft
The presence of a uniformed guard will help deter the incidence of employee theft.

You Can Rely on Our Experience and Expertise to Protect Your Marijuana Cultivation Site

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