The Leader in Construction Site Security
in Riverside County

As the cost of building materials continues to grow, protecting your construction site is becoming more crucial than ever. A single act of theft or vandalism can seriously delay your schedule of completion and erode your bottom line.

In addition, thieves often target valuable metals, tools and machinery. So the potential for loss is extremely high.

Construction sites in Riverside County are very often targeted by thieves.

That’s where we come in. American Alert Security Services specializes in protecting construction sites throughout Riverside County. We understand the crime situation in our area better than anyone, and have the experience and know-how to mitigate threats to your assets and construction site.

How We Can Protect Your Construction Site

Construction sites in Riverside County are very often targeted by thieves.

Highly Visible Crime Deterrent

Construction site thefts results in nearly $1 billion in losses every year. Fences, signs, cameras and other security physical measures can only do so much.  Security guards provide a visible presence on your construction site before, during and after work hours, deterring theft and vandalism. They also protect you against potential liability if someone is injured on your site.

Monitoring and Controlling Access

During work hours, our security guards can help regulate access to building materials, tools, equipment and other at-risk areas. (Employees are sometimes known to steal building material and tools on job sites.) 

American Alert security guards can also provide access control to the job site, protecting against trespassers and protecting your employees. 

American Alert security guards can monitor and control access to restricted areas on your construction site.

Mobile Patrols

A very popular option for construction site security, American Alert can provide mobile patrols at any time of the day or night.

Patrol security guards will check the construction site several times throughout the day and night checking for suspicious activity. This service provides an additional layer of visual deterrence from theft and vandalism. 

In addition, signs indicating that the area is subject to regular mobile patrol keeps thieves and vandals at bay.