Providing the Ultimate
in Professional Bank Security

While security is of paramount importance to all organizations, it is especially crucial for banks. After all, as Willie Sutton put it, “That’s where the money is!”

Although FDIC Regulations do not specifically require the presence of a security guard, regulations do require that banks provide a safe and secure place of business. This is vital not only for the protection of the bank’s assets, but just as importantly for the safety and security of the bank’s employees and customers.

American Alert security professionals will keep your bank's customers and employees safe.

In many cases, that means that security guards should be present. But not just any security guards. You need highly-trained professionals with expertise in in bank security. You need American Alert Security Services.

Our bank security specialists will design a solution to fit your specific needs.

Custom Designed Bank Security Solutions

As the premier security guard and patrol company in Riverside County, we have the local knowledge and expertise needed to provide exactly the right level of security. Our bank security professionals take the time to assess your specific situation and risks and then design and implement a security solution that’s custom-fit for your requirements.

Bank Security Patrols

In addition to standing guards, American Alert can provide around-the-clock patrol services. We’ll regularly check your bank’s exterior, including keeping a watchful eye on your ATMs and late night activity. 

Our patrol service will deter criminal activity and provide an additional level of safety and security for your customers when using your ATMs after hours.

Security patrol service adds an additional layer of bank security to keep facilities and customers safe after hours.

Rely on Our Experience and Expertise to Protect
Your Bank’s Assets, Employees and Customers

When it comes to having the local experience and expertise to provide the ultimate in security protection for your bank, look no further than American Alert. We are the recognized expert in designing and implementing custom-fit security solutions in Riverside County, and one of our specialties is protecting banks and other financial institutions in our area.